In August 1993, approximately 75 Masters from around the world met in Washington, DC to discuss unifying the vast Martial Arts community. The first area of particular concern to the group was how to harmonize the Martial Arts community to work together toward World Peace.

Among the topics of discussion was how traditional Martial Arts philosophy develops instructors, who work together helping each other, so they can reach more people to spread the happiness they have found in their lives. They discussed the forming of international, national and regional boundaries, a competition ratings system, and certification of judges and officials. It was agreed that these ratings and certification should be the same on a worldwide level. All involved (Masters, instructors, referees, judges, etc) are committed to integrity impartially, fairness, honesty, and decency to all they meet. They set the example of humility and etiquette and demonstrate the true Martial Arts attitude. They also discussed bylaws, fundraising, publications and other topics of concern.

The members of the group have been meeting with Masters, instructors and members of Martial Arts organizations throughout the country discussing their ideas and receiving input and suggestions to help this organization further the cause of World Peace.

By striving to achieve these goals, finding happiness and sharing this with others we can reduce crime and hatred to reach the ultimate goal, World Peace. Everyone had a positive feeling and great expectations about the future of Martial Arts in working forward World Peace.

About Our Founder


Grand Master Yong Song Lee, Founder

Grand Master Lee is the president and CEO of the World Mudo Federation and the founder of Hapmudo.

With over 40 years of martial arts experience, Grand Master Lee has a 9th degree Black Belt and has previously trained the US Secret Service FBI & SWAT Team. He possesses Master's Degrees in Hapkido, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, Kendo, Kickboxing, and numerous Weapons. His proudest achievement is the number of children he has helped with learning disabilities and Muscular dystrophy.

Grand Master Lee has more than 40 years of Martial Arts experience:

  • 9th Degree Black Belt – Founder of Hapmudo
  • CEO & Pres. World Mudo Federation
  • CEO & Pres. World Hapmudo Federation
  • Former Vice Pres. World Sin Moo Hapkido Assoc.
  • Chairman, World Black Belt Living Legend
  • Director, World Black Belt U.S.A. East Coast
  • Accredited in the U.S., Asia, and Europe
  • Certified Master Instructor in Hapkido — World Hapkido Fed.
  • Certified Master Instructor in TaeKwonDo — World TKD Fed.
  • Master Certifications in Jujitsu, Aikido, Kung Fu, Judo, Kendo, Kick Boxing, Tai Chi, and more than 70 Weapons
  • Trained U.S. Secret Service, FBI, & SWAT Team
  • Creator of "This is Hapkido" video series — 1996
  • Featured in Inside Karate magazine — Dec. 1996
  • Featured on cover of World of Martial Arts magazine-Sept. 1996
  • Featured on cover of Korean Post newspaper — June 1997
  • Inducted into the “World Martial Arts Hall of Fame” — 1998.
  • Special TV Appearances
    • CTV (Instructor of handicap Children — Mattie Stepanek)
    • Special TV Appearances — Montgomery Co. Maryland TV (Role Model)
  • Named "Who’s Who" in the Martial Arts Registry "Master of the Year" — 1998
  • Living Legends "Pioneer Award" — Oct. 2003
  • Held world record for "Highest Kick" — May 2005 ESPN
  • Budo International "Grand Master of the Year" — 2005