The World Mudo Federation is the world’s fastest growing organization to help Martial Arts community. The primary goal of the World Mudo Federation is to unify the hundreds of millions of Martial Art practitioners and enthusiasts by developing a World Peace through Martial Art events. The World Mudo Federation is supported and guide by a group of Martial Arts leaders.

The mission of the World Mudo Federation is for Martial Artists and schools to develop the true meaning of the Martial Arts philosophy and spirit. Frequent monitoring of progress and continuous communication will enable all Martial Artists to achieve high levels of morality, character and integrity.

Our ultimate goal is to help Martial Artists to achieve health, happiness and Harmony in daily life, success and prosperity.  Share as well as the love, respect, and sharing knowledge are key to achieve these.



Our Story

In August 1993, approximately 75 Masters from around the world met in Washington, DC to discuss unifying the vast Martial Arts community. The first area of particular concern to the group was how to harmonize the Martial Arts community to work together toward World Peace.

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The World Mudo Federation is a serious and focused Martial Arts training Program. Studios, instructors, and their families want to share their knowledge of the wisdom and philosophy of Martial Arts with others. By sharing happiness and harmony with our students and those we meet we can help reach our goal of World Peace.

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Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

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